Minimalist hygiene

10 Oct

Minimalist hygiene might be a tougher one to follow (a bit easier for me since I’m a man).

About a year ago my girlfriend talked to me about the chemicals used in beauty products and the negative effects caused by them. Then half-seriously, half kidding I stopped using my (very masculine!) parfume, and a bit later my deodorant.

I’m not the sweaty type, and may be lucky, but I experienced no negative effects (girlfriend-approved). And to be honest I also feel manlier by ditching the parfume.

Then a few weeks ago I thought of trying out soap instead of shampoo to make things even more minimalist, and came across this site. You can read a lot of experiences there, and for me it works perfectly. I haven’t used shampoo since 3 weeks, only hot water 2 times a week. It was a bit strange at the start (your hair gets a little different), but I got used to it by now. This also comes with the benefit of not massaging at least 15 different chemicals every time on your scalp, which adds up in the long run.

Next time I might step forward and get rid of the soap, too…

What about you? Do you think you could get rid any of your beauty products today?

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